John O’Hara Still Deserves a Pardon

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A reminder that John O'Hara deserves a pardon for the felony voting charges that resulted from the bogus prosecution I wrote about here.  He is hoping to get New York Gov. David Paterson to act on his pardon request before Paterson leaves office, and signing this online petition might help.

This is a lot more important than the last pardon effort I got involved in — the one hoping to clear Jim Morrison's name — and only partly because in this case the person involved is actually alive.  According to Florida political blog The Fine Print, Morrison's case was not on the list at the first clemency-board meeting back in February, but there are three more meetings this year before Florida Gov. Charlie Crist leaves office, so keep your fingers crossed.

But Morrison, being dead, can wait as long as it takes.  So, first things first.

Link: Free John O'Hara
Link: The Fine Print