Assorted Stupidity #73

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  • Speaking of food, if you search for "nutria recipes," Lowering the Bar shows up on the first page of Google results. This pleases me GREATLY.
  • Riddle me this, Fourth Amendment scholars: do police have probable cause to open and search a container that is clearly labeled "Not Weed"? What if the car had a bumper sticker saying "Nothing to See Here," and I was wearing a t-shirt reading "I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG"? I don't know how much more clear I could make it.
  • I tweeted this on Sunday and it was fairly popular so I wish to say it again: "Let me see if I understand—you're not that bothered by torture, but are horrified by the practice of keeping email on the wrong server."
  • Just to be clear, my point there is not to minimize the practice of keeping email on the wrong server. It is a different point.