Assorted Stupidity #2

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  • In March, the Seattle Post-Examiner reported on a lengthy federal and state investigation into area strip clubs. Suggesting the investigation was a witch hunt, the attorney for one of the owners alleged that one undercover detective visited the clubs more than 160 times during the investigation, receiving “over 130 documented VIP dances and an undetermined additional number of undocumented dances,” on which he spent at least $16,835, yet made no arrests. If true, that suggests he is both very painstaking about building a case and very bad at being undercover.
  • Possibly the only reason for Joe Francis to exist: to provide more opportunities to use the word “verminous,” as does this blog post about the verminous “Girls Gone Wild” founder. Francis was back in the news recently for threatening to sue a blog that published unflattering allegations about him.  He hasn’t threatened this blog yet, which frankly offends me a a little bit.  I will try harder.
  • Police in Denver believe they have captured the “Super Freak Bandit,” accused of robbing five banks since March while wearing a Rick-James-style wig.  Not clear whether he was identified because he also wore the wig when not robbing banks, or because a disguise that doesn’t hide your face is not really that great a disguise.
  • Attorney Scott H. Fisher has had his license revoked by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. He was admitted in May 2006, and abandoned his practice in October 2008, having racked up no fewer than 55 counts of professional misconduct in ten separate matters during that time, an impressive average of one act of professional misconduct every 16 days for two-and-a-half years. On the plus side, Fisher had “no prior disciplinary record.”  On the minus side, “[t]he evidence suggests [he] has left the country.”