Good Reason to Kill #8: The Vuvuzela

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HONK An American living in Germany may be charged with assault after allegedly threatening to kill his neighbors with an ax if they didn't stop blowing their vuvuzelas during televised World Cup matches.  (This was before the U.S. was eliminated, so he wasn't upset about that yet.)  German police said that the man, a 45-year-old civilian employee of the U.S. Army, was apparently so sick of the constant vuvuzela droning that he grabbed an ax and went to confront his neighbors.  "I will kill you [if you don't quit blowing that stupid goddamn horn]!" he shouted, and then returned home.

Unlike some (well, all) of the other people who have been featured in the "Good Reason to Kill" category so far, it is a little hard to blame this guy, given the multitude of reasons to hate the vuvuzela.  Prosecutors said they were still considering whether to charge the man, so maybe they are fed up with those things too.

For once, Germany is somewhat behind France in terms of technology, because apparently at least one French cable TV channel is offering "vuvuzela-free" broadcasts of World Cup matches, with the vuvuzela sounds digitally removed.

Link: AP via KDKA (Pittsburgh)