Good Reason to Kill #9: That There Is My Fryin’ Pan

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A good opening for this story on July 10: "A dispute over the ownership of a frying pan led to third-degree burns for one South Bend man and 11 stitches for another, police reports said."

Apparently, one man was cooking bacon when his brother-in-law unwisely chose that moment to start a dispute over the ownership of the frying pan, which at the time was hot and contained hot bacon grease.  The cook, ironically wielding as a weapon the very utensil in question, drove the other man into a closet and spilled hot grease on him.  The newly-greased in-law then turned the tables, grabbing the pan from the cook and belting him twice in the head with it.  At least one and possibly both were taken to the hospital and arrested for assault, but neither man wanted to press charges.

A good closing for the story, also: "Police did report finding two pieces of bacon in the closet."

Link: (South Bend, IN)