TSA Advertising Job Openings on Top of Pizza Boxes

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Oh, this is confidence-inspiring:

If You Can Get This Pizza There Safely, You're Qualified

Am I wrong, or are the most likely new recruits from this campaign those who are currently making and/or delivering pizzas?  Are they going to at least screen out people who have ever failed to get a pizza safely to its destination?

Also a real confidence-builder: an agency that is currently engaged in buying and deploying full-body-imaging scanners at airports around the nation, and has previously lied about whether those scanners are even able to store or transmit images, is telling potential recruits that they could have "A CAREER WHERE X-RAY VISION AND FEDERAL BENEFITS COME STANDARD."

A Career Where X-Ray Vision Comes Standard and Will Never Be Misused

I guess it is somewhat comforting to know that they may be able to locate a terrorist's car keys, as long as he politely spaces out everything in his suitcase to make it easier for them.

Link: Federal News Radio