Harassment Case Against Steven Seagal Dismissed

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According to the Huffington Post, the $1 million harassment lawsuit against Steven Seagal has been dismissed.  No reason was given, which probably means some sort of settlement, but of course that does not necessarily mean there was anything to the lawsuit.

As you may recall, Kayden Nguyen sued Seagal in April, claiming she thought she had been hired (via Craigslist) as an “executive assistant” to Mr. Seagal, learning only in a plane just before takeoff that her job description might be significantly more creepy than she had signed up for.  While Seagal has certainly done some strange things in his time, I thought some of the allegations were quite bizarre, such as the plaintiff’s claim that she managed to escape the house in New Orleans where Seagal and his employees were staying only after she leaped into a cab, “told the driver that the man following her was Steven Seagal, and to please get out of there as fast as he could.”  If you were being chased by somebody, wouldn’t you start by telling the driver to go, rather than taking the time to identify the person chasing you?

“I’m being followed by Steven Seagal, the star of such movies as Out for Justice and Hard to Kill, who has been harassing me for over a week after supposedly hiring me as an executive assistant!  Please drive away as fast as you can!”

Sadly, the apparent resolution of the matter means we may never learn the truth as to such matters as what was actually said to the cab driver, what part of Russia Mr. Seagal’s other young female assistants were from, or what “unique physiological reaction” Nguyen supposedly witnessed during her brief employment by him.

Link: Huffington Post