Paris Hilton Sued for Wearing Wrong Hair Extensions

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Hilton Arrives to Testify A company that makes hair extensions is suing Paris Hilton for $35 million, alleging that she breached an agreement to wear and promote its product.  Hilton was apparently paid $3.5 million to promote extensions made by Hairtech International Inc., but allegedly wore the extensions of a competitor instead.  According to the report, Hairtech also cited Hilton's "partying" as being contrary to its marketing campaign, which would mean that somebody chose to pay Paris Hilton $3.5 million in the belief that she would not "party."

In fact, at least part of Hairtech's complaint alleges that Hilton did not party correctly.  It apparently charges her with missing a launch party for the product in 2007 because she was in jail at the time for driving on a suspended license.  The filing alleges that Hairtech lost $6.6 million on the launch party alone, which would mean that somebody chose to pay $6.6 million for a launch party for hair extensions.

Hilton prevailed in the last suit of this kind that she faced, an $8 million lawsuit accusing her of failing to adequately promote the 2006 film "National Lampoon's 'Pledge This!'" Hilton starred in that film, which cost about $8 million to make but took in less than $3 million.  A federal judge in Miami found that the movie more likely lost money because the producers didn't know how to market a film in the first place, and that any connection between Hilton's alleged acts and the financial disaster was"wholly speculative."  Hilton had testified that she did her best to promote the movie, saying that "the scheduling was insane.  I didn't even have time to go shopping."

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