Banjo Wielded

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I concede this one is at least slightly off-topic, but I'm going to post it anyway.  It's breaking news from my hometown of Kansas City:

Charges filed in Overland Park banjo self-defense case

Police say the Monday banjo blow to the head stopped the assailant, who was treated for a cut and taken to jail.

* * *

The two 21-year-old friends were drinking and arguing about a band when [one] grabbed the kitchen weapons [a frying pan and a knife] and attacked, police said.  The victim happened to have banjo in hand and used it in self defense….

The smell of alcohol was prevalent, police said.

Opening Arguments Normally in that neck of the woods we would resolve duels by playing banjos, not swinging them, but maybe times are changing.

On the other hand, I guess if the other gentleman is so dishonorable as to use a frying pan and a knife instead of a guitar, you would have to escalate anyway.