Three Items Added to Bank-Robbery Checklist

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Bruce Carton at Legal Blog Watch has added three items to his growing checklist for bank robbers, which seems like an extremely handy reference that I bet bank robbers don't even thank him for.  With the new additions, it appears that the full list now includes:

  • Punctuality (bank to be robbed must be open)
  • Oral hygiene (if so bad it helps to identify you)
  • Obvious patterns ("it's him again")
  • Penmanship (demand must be legible)
  • Acknowledge your physical limitations (bring oxygen tank if you need it)
  • Effective disguise (i.e. not a clear plastic bag)
  • Invest in success (see "Effective Disguise," supra)
  • Keep it on the "down low" (e.g., don't call in advance for TV coverage)

I'll suggest a couple of others:

Link: Legal Blog Watch (first five points); same (the three new ones)