Lautner Settles RV Lawsuit For Money After Declining Push-Up Contest

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As I predicted, the lawsuit between Taylor Lautner and an RV dealership that allegedly failed to deliver his fancy trailer on time has been settled. Sadly, it was not settled by means of the push-up contest that dealership owner Brent McMahon had proposed. Instead, McMahon's RV agreed to pay $40,000 to a charity of Lautner's choice, instead of the charity of McMahon's choice as would have been the case had McMahon won the push-up contest.

McMahon had promised to give the money to the Children's Hospital of Orange County, but under this deal the money will go instead to the "Lollipop Theater Network," which Lautner's attorney described as "a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing movies currently in theaters to children confined to hospitals due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses." Nothing wrong with that, although personally I might have voted to put that money towards the kids' actual health care, rather than guaranteeing they get to watch first-run movies (like, presumably, "Twilight"). Forty grand would also buy a lot of Playstations.