Thank You, Lord, for Letting Joe Francis Represent Himself at Trial

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If Joe Francis were a lawyer, he'd be at least the sixth lawyer to represent him. Since he's not a lawyer, and isn't smart enough to know he shouldn't be representing himself under any circumstances, he is doing that.

According to the Hollywood Reporter's law blog, things are going great, at least according to a Joe Francis press release. As far as the truth goes, though, it may not be going that well.

"Tuesday morning started off better than Monday," a local report noted, "as Joe Francis showed up on time for day two of his trial." His first move was to ask for a recess, but then he actually had to do some lawyer stuff when the recess was denied. While Francis claimed he had scored points while cross-examining the women who claim he harassed them, in fact it appears that the judge had to coach him through pretty much everything, and that his performance was so dismal that the judge said a repeat might lead to a default judgment.

"I am not struggling at all," said the struggling Francis. "The only way I am struggling is because the deck is stacked against me." So you are struggling. Which is it, Mr. Francis? Were you lying then or are you lying now? Or both times?

Joe Francis then said, apparently with an entirely straight face, that he was "just here to defend my honor."

More to come, almost certainly.