UPDATED: Government Sued Over Racism, Cat

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From the Kansas City bureau comes this report of a newly filed case:

Gabriel Robles; Bonnie Robles v. State of Missouri; State of Iowa; United States of America; Governor Matt Blunt; Governor Tom Vilsack; George Bush; Randy Rodriguez; Roseanne Kempf dba Schoolhouse Apartments
11/6/2006 4:06-cv-00915-SWH Hays (Kansas City)

Civil rights action where the defendants conspired to conceal widespread government racism and caused the plaintiffs to lose their cat.  $5 million.

Surprisingly, plaintiffs are representing themselves. My guess is, this started out as a dispute over a cat and the plaintiffs decided that, while they were at it, they might as well reform the entire United States government.

UPDATE: A review of the complaint (thanks to Al Petrofsky for sending a copy) shows that it was the other way around — Plaintiffs were already being persecuted for their attempts to reform the entire United States government, and their incarceration led to the loss of their personal belongings and cat.  Special connection to yesterday’s other top story — the complaint reveals that the name of the now-missing cat was "Orenthal James Robles," presumably named as a gesture of support. And that certainly was a powerful gesture, but would whoever is now in possession of the cat please change its name in view of the fact that the original Orenthal has now (hypothetically) admitted guilt?

Mr. and Mrs. Robles also charge the U.S. Supreme Court with plagiarism, apparently for cribbing from some former complaints of theirs to write various opinions including Tennessee v. Lane. Shame on you, Justice Stevens.

Link: PACER docket link (login required).