New Orleans Docket: Wasp-Related Negligence

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John B____ v. Vasamth Bethala, Manager; LQ12 LLC dba LaQuinta Inn & Suites; James River Ins. Co., No. 2011-12066 F (22d Dist. Jud. Ct. La., filed Apr. 7, 2011).

Negligence action. While the plaintiff was staying on the third floor of the defendants' hotel, a wasp flew into his room. While the plaintiff was attempting to kill the wasp, he fell out of the window.

As the submitter accurately notes, this would be "the second in the category of 'Guests at Louisiana Hotels Who Manage to Seriously Injure Themselves While Battling Insects.'" (This was the first.) Or, at least, now that we have at least two examples of that, it's eligible for its own category.