Good Reason to Kill #17: Beer-Pong Dispute

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Assuming this had something to do with an alleged violation of the rules of Beer Pong, it's somewhat reminiscent of #2 (Disputed Yahtzee Rules). Possibly dumber, but it's hard to say. The Yahtzee rules are likely more complicated, but I'm not an expert on either topic.

People do have strong feelings about Beer Pong, as we learned in 2009 when the people of Maryland rose up to defeat legislation that would have outlawed it. The sponsor of that bill seemed to believe that the game encouraged drinking and "raucous behavior" (true) and that banning it would be the best course of action (false). After about 48 hours of being "inundated" with angry e-mails, he changed his mind and withdrew the bill.

We'd all like to see the number of beer-pong-related stabbings drop to zero, but clearly a ban on Beer Pong is not the answer. (No, a ban on knives and/or other sharp things is not the answer either.) If a world without risk must also be a world without Beer Pong, well, it just isn't worth it.