Most of Newt Gingrich’s Campaign Staff Resigns

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Well, that was fun while it lasted. Which wasn't very long.

The Washington Post is reporting today that the entire senior staff of the Gingrich campaign has resigned, apparently based on disagreements over "the path" that the campaign would be taking. My guess is, Gingrich thinks the path might lead to the White House, and the rest of them disagree.

The last straw seems to have been Gingrich's decision to go on a two-week vacation shortly after, as the Post described it, "one of the most disastrous campaign launches in recent memory." He returned from vacation earlier this week, but a meeting was held today to which Gingrich either brought a dead weasel or was otherwise unable to reassure his campaign staff. According to the Post, "[m]uch of Gingrich's early state operation was also headed for the exits."

On Facebook, Newt has announced that he remains committed to running, and that "[t]he campaign begins anew Sunday in Los Angeles." Maybe that campaign will go better than this one did.