Attorney: “The Training I Received at Hustler Was Extremely Helpful” in Law School

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Susannah Breslin, who is a contributor at, has posted her interview with Dan Kapelovitz, who is currently a criminal-law attorney but previously worked at Hustler magazine. See "How A Porn Magazine Editor Became A Criminal Law Attorney," (Apr. 17, 2003).

According to this, that magazine has articles in it, and Kapelovitz worked as an editor/writer of said articles. He says he frequently wrote about criminal-law topics, and ultimately decided to go to law school. "It turned out that I loved law school," he says, "and the writing and editing training I received at Hustler was extremely helpful."

You should read the whole interview, which has many great quotes in it. I will just borrow one more:

What's the difference between being a porn magazine editor and being a criminal law attorney?

Not much…. [I]n both jobs, you spend hours and hours researching and writing something that very few people are going to actually read.