TSA Officer Learns How It Feels to Be Groped

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Speaking of groping, as you know there have been any number of incidents in which travelers have been treated horrendously by TSA screeners, and only one (to my knowledge) in which the TSA has paid anybody. They have been given near-immunity for what would be sexual assault in any other context – but if you return the favor, you of course will get charged with a felony.

On Thursday, a Colorado woman allegedly grabbed the left breast of a female TSA officer, and now faces a charge of felony sexual abuse.

According to a neighbor, the woman travels frequently and so I won't be surprised if it turns out that she had just been groped herself for the umpteenth time and was finally so fed up with the security charade that she snapped. Counter-groping is not the right response by any means, and I am not endorsing it, but I do think that "how do you like it?" is not an unfair question to ask the TSA at this point.