Assorted Stupidity #27

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  • I'm not saying that abducting four young girls from a bus stop and then pleading insanity should disqualify you from ever holding a job again, but it might be considered a black mark if you are running for the school board. Something to consider.
  • Also downplaying her actions: the Dutch woman who allegedly called a man 65,000 times during the past year and is now charged with stalking. She claimed to be in a relationship with the man (which he denies) and insisted that calling him an average of 178 times a day was not "excessive." (Men, insert your own ex-girlfriend joke here.) The woman was granted bail so long as she did not contact him again, a promise she kept for nearly two hours. 
  • A devout fan of White Castle burgers has sued the company under the Americans with Disabilities Act on the grounds that he is too fat to wedge himself into the restaurant's booths; or more accurately, that the booths should be big enough to accommodate his fatness. He says he was humiliated by his inability to fit and has been waiting for almost three years for the company to rectify the problem. In the meantime, he complains, he has been forced to send his wife to White Castle for him in order to get the precious meat-flavored gut bombs. Oh, the humanity.
  • The judge who was charged with disorderly conduct for hiding condoms inside acorns and handing them out to unsuspecting women has avoided being disciplined. He claimed the stuffed acorns were meant as a joke, but also claims he uses them in his courtroom to raise awareness of safe sex (because, evidently, that's not weird). The state's Court of Judicial Discipline dismissed the misconduct charge but told him not to do it again, also taking the opportunity to note that his "preoccupation with acorns is mystifying."
  • In what may or may not be a related story, that judge serves in the town of Intercourse, Pennsylvania.