Assorted Stupidity #31

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  • Be on the lookout: someone stole seven guns and a trombone from a storage unit in Seattle. The trombone was not in a gun-shaped case, but it’s possible the thief thought he was stealing eight musical instruments. (KOMO News)
  • Hoping to prevent deaths and/or lawsuits, I wish to publicize this report that eating too much black licorice might kill you. The quantities necessary to cause problems (not to kill) are 2 ounces per day for two weeks, or 16-32 ounces at one sitting. If you’re eating two pounds of licorice at one sitting, though, something’s going to explode sooner or later. (Boing Boing)
  • Here’s a tip for the next time you’re involved in a police chase: if the officer demanding that you pull over is tapping on your window while jogging alongside your Fiesta, you’re doing it wrong. (Clacton Gazette, via Dave Barry)
  • Setting your guitar on fire during a show is pretty cool, or at least it was when Jimi Hendrix did it. Throwing your flaming guitar into the audience, though, will just get you sued. Also reducing the cool factor dramatically: your band’s name is “Boogie Monster.” (Courthouse News Service)