Finally, the Movie Version of that Japanese Lawyer Video Game

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According to Neatorama, this is actually happening:


"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney," the game that lets everyone in on the fun of practicing law, originated in Japan. Its success there led to a 2005 release in the U.S. on the Nintendo DS system, and of course it eventually made its way to the iPhone. Now it will apparently become a big-budget movie. Based on this trailer, it should be as hilariously baffling as most of Japanese pop culture is to me. (I think it's great, I just find it both hilarious and baffling.) I'd recommend making sure subtitles are off to maximize that effect.

The numerous dramatic objections —

— holographic courtroom evidence displays, and stylin' neckties are all great, but the mysterious and all-too-brief appearance of Japanese Afro Lady (at about 1:21 in the clip) is worth your time all by itself.