Robin Hood v. the Banking Industry

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From a Courthouse News summary of newly filed cases:

Robin Hood, et al. v. US Gov. Banking Industry, et al., No. 3:12-cv-1542-EDL (N.D. Cal. filed Mar. 27, 2012).

RICO class action. "But yet this subject matter 'Over-limit' / 'Overdraft' is on the table and kicking under a class action litigation in the Untied [sic] States District Court of Southern District of Florida, Case No. 1;09-MD-02036-JLK and has been brewing for a couple years as more and more 'lawsuits' have been placed in the multidistrict litigation," and so on.

In Pro Per

In addition to the plaintiff's name, which I'm guessing was assumed for purposes of this case (although not necessarily), this one gets bonus points for the fact that the person who summarized the case has apparently seen one too many nonsensical cases lately ("and so on"). Seems a little fatigued.

This also seems worth adding to the Comical Case Names page.