Assorted Stupidity #36

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  • In the latest case of karaoke rage, last week a Florida man reportedly knocked out an Applebee's manager who asked him to stop singing after other patrons complained. A local TV station reportedly filmed the man's arrest, during which he could be heard bragging about knocking the manager out with one punch. Dude, you were singing karaoke at Applebee's — it's a little late to portray yourself as a tough guy.
  • JP Morgan won a case this week in which it had been sued by a trader who said his contract promised him 24 million rand per year (US $3.1 million). In yet another example of Why Typos Matter, the contract was missing a decimal point between the "2" and the "4." JP Morgan said the trader knew this was a mistake, but signed the new contract anyway, hoping to try his luck with a lawsuit. On Monday, a judge agreed and ordered plaintiff to pay £80,000 in costs (no decimal point).
  • How many tigers is too many? I guess it depends whether they live next door. According to Courthouse News, several plaintiffs in Kingston, Tennessee, are suing the neighboring "Tiger Haven," alleging that the 250+ big cats on the property are a bit of a nuisance. That many big cats generate a lot of big-cat waste, apparently, and then there's the "roaring, caterwauling, and fear of escape." (Plaintiffs are afraid, not the cats.) Plaintiffs would like $5 million and to have defendant "enjoined from acquiring any additional tigers."
  • For other people who kept pet tigers (just one each, though) under stupid circumstances, see here and here.