“Let My People Go!”

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I don't think the reference to Exodus here is really on point, but I'm willing to cut this guy a fair amount of slack.

Reportedly, what he's yelling about (and he is yelling, so watch the volume if you're at work) is having been handed a 200-page pension-reform bill and told that the Illinois House leadership had scheduled a vote on the bill in 15 minutes. Obviously, that's barely enough time to read the table of contents, if there was one, let alone make any sort of thoughtful decision about how to vote. Certainly he's also frustrated that his side currently has no power in that legislature, but he's still got a point when he suggests (loudly) that it might be nice if the people's representatives actually bothered to read what they were voting on.


As I've said before, I suppose it's good that our legislative sessions usually don't degenerate into all-out brawls like they do in some other countries, but on the other hand a brawl every now and then would at least show they care. (It'd help C-SPAN's ratings, that's for sure.) In that sense, at least, a furious tantrum seems like a step in the right direction.