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Well, you were specifically told not to click on that link, and yet here you are. The reason for that instruction was so that you would not see the slide that appears below.

NSA secret slide

If you did look, you must now forget having done so

We realize it has been on the Washington Post's website for a week and so can be seen by everyone in the world but you, but still you are not allowed to look at it as you were informed at the time:

Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 10:28 AM
Cc: xxx Security Reps; xxx SSO; xxxx;xxxx
Subject: //// SECURITY ADVISORY////

I have been advised that this article is on the Washington Post's [w]ebsite today and has a clickable link title[d] "The NSA [s]lide you['ve] never seen" that must not be opened. This link opens up a classified document which will raise the classification level of your [u]nclassified workstation to the classification of the slide which is reported to be TS/NF [Top Secret/No Foreigners]. This has been verified by our Mission Partner and [is] the reason for this email.

If opened on your home or work computer you are obligated to report this to the SSO as your computer could then be considered a classified workstation.

Again, please exercise good judgment when visiting these webpages and clicking on such links. You are violating your [n]on-[d]isclosure [a]greement in which you promise[d] by signing that you [would] protect [c]lassified [n]ational [s]ecurity [i]nformation. You may be subject to [] administrative or legal action [by] the [g]overnment.

SSOs, please pass this on to your respective components as this may be a threat to the systems under your jurisdiction.

The email above was reprinted today on the website of "security expert" Bruce Schneier, a site you also definitely should not be reading, and let us tell you that whoever sent it to him is in even bigger trouble than you may possibly be right now.

If you are already looking at this blog post, which you obviously should not be, it is at most permissible to read the email above and in fact you are required to read it and comply if you haven't already done so, but do not look above the line immediately preceding that email because your eyeballs would then be directed at the classified information currently on the Washington Post's website. Your eyeballs could then be considered classified workstations and would have to be secured and kept in a jar on your desk at all times for use only with classified materials.

Also, you are to ignore the bracketed material in the reprinting above and assume that the original message was within a reasonable range of grammatical accuracy, even if you read the original message. Remember that you agreed to capitalize Things that do not otherwise need to be Capitalized when you became a Government Employee with access to Capitalized National Security Information.

Further, we have determined that the earlier report that the slide was classified TS/NF was in error, based largely on the fact that the classification level is written right on the slide (at which, unlike you, we are permitted to look) and is in fact TS/SI/NF. As you know, SI stands for SPECIAL INTELLIGENCE, so the slide is even more specially secret than was previously reported.

Actually, to be completely honest with you, only the title of the slide is classified TS/SI/NF. It would appear that the top and bottom of the slide in fact are classified TOP SECRET/SI/ORCON/NOFORN, so that those parts are even more highly classified in that they represent Dissemination and Extraction of Information Controlled by Originator (ORiginator CONtrolled) information, so there is that also.

A number of other slides you may not see if you are a DHS employee were previously posted here, a link we provide only in order to provide a complete picture of what it is on which you may not click.