Please Don’t Text While Skiing

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From the Land of Terrible Ideas comes this:

Let me be clear: the "heads-up" display in the bottom right of these ski goggles is completely awesome. Not that it's information you need to know, but it's cool and doesn't seem any more dangerous than displays of similar information on the windscreens of fighter planes and so forth. Getting information is not the same as engaging with it and so doesn't take as much attention away from what you are doing, like having fun and/or trying not to die. The potential problem, though, is that the Oakley Airwave also allows you to "view incoming calls and text messages."

Unless the message is "TREE IN PATH," it can wait.

The inevitable lawsuits will probably not be deterred by the prominent warnings in the product manual, like this one:

Screenshot 11:8:12 2:28 PM
Which is generally good advice anyway, but especially when what you are doing is hurtling downhill on two polished pieces of wood.

The manual also more specifically warns users not to "enter information, place phone calls or send messages while skiing, riding or boarding," and that concentrating on the display while moving could result in death. (On the bright side, when they find your body they will have a record of the awesome hang time you managed on that last jump, and probably can post it directly to your Facebook memorial page.) It also warns that the product is for "winter alpine use only," and should not be used while driving or doing other things like "walking on uneven surfaces."

I guess there's no telling what people could get up to while wearing these, and the manual also tries to warn against other risks such as the possibility that its Bluetooth technology may interfere with other electronic equipment. Users are advised to switch the product off "in aircraft," "near blasting," "before refueling" or "in hospitals and around medical devices." Here's an idea: don't wear ski goggles to the hospital at all.