Assorted Stupidity #48

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  • If you are fighting charges that you worked as a pimp, it's not going to be helpful that you posted ads on Craigslist offering women "as available for commercial sex acts." Also unhelpful: you have "PIMP" tattooed on your neck.
  • This opinion might be a good one to illustrate "community property" law in states that (like California) take that approach to dividing marital assets. For example: (1) money raised by selling an asset during marriage is community property even if the money isn't received until later; (2) evidence of alleged reconciliations for purposes of reducing support payments must be clear and unequivocal; and (3) if you're going to claim that $184,000 you earned back when you were selling drugs as separate property, you need the documentation to back that up.
  • The "Cleaning Fairy" has been arrested again, this time after shoveling a driveway without permission. Susan Warren was arrested last year and given a year of probation after she broke into a home, cleaned it without permission and left the homeowner a bill for $75. Snow removal is not a crime, but the report brought police out to investigate, and they discovered there was already a warrant out for the Fairy for violating probation.