It’s the Old Wealthy-Fisherman-Trying-on-a-Rolex Scam Again

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Works every time:

Employees at Ben Bridge Jewelers in downtown Seattle described the man who came in and asked to try on a $45,000 Rolex watch as fishy smelling and toothless.

He reportedly explained the aroma by saying he was a wealthy fisherman.

As soon as an employee fastened the watch around the man’s wrist last Friday, he said, “See ya!” and raced out the door.

Police reportedly speculate that the man (who escaped) was not in fact a wealthy fisherman, but rather just some guy off the street who happened to smell like fish and planned to steal the watch all along. They cautioned merchants not to attach expensive and easily portable merchandise to the limbs of fishy smelling, toothless men unless those men are personally known to them, as they may pose some risk of flight.

Not since the "Salamander Man" was brought to justice in 2006 have we seen such a cunning plan executed so flawlessly.