The Dude Who Went to Pizza Court

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Hear Nebraska is a nonprofit group that says it "strives to make the state [Nebraska] a globally recognized cultural destination," and while that's probably more of a long-term goal there is some great stuff on its website right now.

This in particular. It's a video (three short videos, actually) of Tim Carr telling the story of his nine-and-a-half-month legal fight against criminal charges brought against him for allegedly stealing a $1 piece of pizza (actually, eating it without paying for it). Carr, who is a member of the band Universe Contest, insisted that he not only didn't steal the pizza, he paid for it twice before the bouncer put him in a headlock and threw him out. But a cop wrote him a ticket for "theft of less than $300," somehow the case did not get dismissed immediately, and Carr refused to plead guilty. So nine-and-a-half months later, the case actually went to trial.


It's a great story, not only because of the way Carr tells it ("Pizza Court!") but also because they had somebody illustrate it. Helps emphasize just how ridiculous the whole thing was.

The first video is above—the page with all three parts of the tale is here. Worth watching.