Good Reason to Kill #40: Denied Access to Family Cat

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Not that it would matter, but the denial was not just out of spite—the cat was apparently in isolation for medical reasons:

[The defendant] had just returned home from a Thanksgiving trip, and asked his parents to see the pet he missed while he was away.

His parents went on to tell him that the cat, who has just had surgery, was not up for having visitors, [D.A. Steve] Wagstaffe said.

Well, I think we can all sympathize to some extent. Pets are important to us. We develop real emotional bonds with them. Imagine how disappointing it would be—

[The defendant] pleaded not guilty to felony assault charges Monday after prosecutors say he "viciously" [punched and] bit both of his parents and threatened to burn their home down when they denied him visitation with the family cat.

Yeah, not that disappointing. Never mind.