Assorted Stupidity #24

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  • After being told by a judge that your latest mistake shows you are either "toying with the court or displaying [your] own stupidity," accusing the judge's clerk of conspiring against you is not going to improve things. Bonus: it's Orly Taitz again. She is STUPID!
  • In what the D.A. described as "the most phenomenally stupid case" he had ever seen, two Wisconsin men pleaded guilty to weapons charges after one hired the other one to shoot a friend in the back. The victim had asked his friend to shoot him because he hoped to get sympathy from his ex-girlfriend after the injury. The friend balked, but agreed to hire a shooter. That guy shot the "victim" in the arm, whereupon the victim asked to be shot again but the shooter said no, "I'm done." This case is PHENOMENALLY STUPID!