Today’s the Last Day to Vote on the ABA Journal “Blawg 100” List

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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the ABA Journal picked Lowering the Bar for its top 100 list again this year, after one (or possibly more) of you nominated it, and I am thankful for both of those things. I would also be thankful if you could take a minute to vote (hopefully but not necessarily for LTB) in the all-non-important contest within each category. 

If you have maybe 60-90 (nonbillable) seconds to spare, you can vote here, or if you prefer clicking on colorful if somewhat baroque images, by clicking on the one below.

Vote here

The voting closes at the end of the day today. Another possible incentive: if I win again, they might dump me into the "Hall of Fame" next year, which would significantly reduce the chances that I would ever bug you about this.

This is one of two humble holiday requests I am going to make of you, the other being book-related and coming up shortly. Whether or not you choose to take me up on either of those, thanks again for reading this year.