How to Fail Your Driving Test

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Driving Examiner’s Checklist:

  • Did the subject arrive on time?  Check.
  • Did the subject properly signal before pulling into traffic?  Check.
  • Did the subject observe posted speed limits?  Check.
  • Did the subject know the way to the police station?  Check.
  • Was the subject’s blood-alcohol level less than three times the legal limit?

I guess if you fail that last one it doesn’t really matter if you get all the others right.

Reuters reported today that a man in Bendorf, Germany, failed his driving test today for (1) demonstrating poor driving skills, and (2) taking the driving test while severely inebriated.  The examiner said that he detected the odor of alcohol almost immediately when the man arrived for the test, but after he assured them he had not been drinking they decided to proceed.  But when the man’s driving proved to be "rather bad," the examiner "directed him toward the police station without him knowing."  Ah, sneaky, mein Herr.  Upon arriving at the station the unfortunate student failed both the blood-alcohol test and the driving test with flying colors.

The report did not say whether the man was charged with drunk driving, but it did quote a police spokesman as saying that he will have to wait a "long time" before he can take the test again.

Link: Reuters