Colorado Removes “420” Mile Marker

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The problem is the number's association with the practice of smoking marijuana. Not that Colorado has a problem with that; as I'm sure you all know, it's now legal there to use or possess up to an ounce. It's just that people keep stealing the damn sign.

Tired of having to replace it, the state's transportation department is trying a different strategy. Now there's no marker for mile 420. There's only a marker for mile 419.99:

419.99 mile marker
According to a spokesperson for the department, the sign was replaced sometime in the past year and has worked "so far."

If all they did was change the sign, of course, then it would no longer be accurate. So I assume they have moved it 52.8 feet to the west, but the report doesn't say. Of course I tried to check this using Google Street View, but that imagery is obviously out of date:


So, if you are on your way out there to steal the new one, and I am not suggesting you go out there on I-70 about a mile east of Stratton, just past the fuel tanks on the right, to do that, I'd appreciate it if you would check on the location for me.