How (and Why) to Get The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance

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There are at least four ways you can get this book.

First, you can walk into a Barnes & Noble, pick it up off the shelf, and exchange money for it. (It’s in the “Law” section.) That’s the easiest and quickest way, depending on how far you have to travel to get to Barnes & Noble. You can also order it from their website in real or e-form.

Second, you can order it from Amazon.

Third, you can order it from Apple (through iBooks, I mean).

Fourth, you can order it from me, although the only reason you might want to do that is if you want me to sign it, which I would be happy to do. Just e-mail me and tell me what you want and we will then work out the details.

If you still aren’t sure you want this book, here are some reviews:

“[A] genuinely funny and extremely weird tour through the world’s dumbest rules….”

Cory Doctorow, author of Homeland (and many other books), Boing Boing editor

“My wife stole [it] and took it to work with her. Apparently a big hit in the ER…. Highly recommended.”

Keith Lee, author of The Associate’s Mind and The Marble and the Sculptor

“[H]ysterically funny…. I was unable to make it through the Introduction without …annoying all around me with my loud laughter…. Buy this book.”

    —Scott Greenfield, Simple Justice

“One of the more memorable arrivals this semester….”

    —Duke Univ. Law Library’s blog

“As a writer, I get a lot of books. My husband usually [just] glances at them …. This one, he hasn’t put down. I can’t get it out of his hands…. [C]heck out this awesome book.”

     —Allison Leotta, novelist and author of The Prime-Time Crime Review

“[A] great read for lawyers and non-lawyers alike … truly funny.”

    —Christopher Hill, Construction Law Musings

“This is a fun collection of odd and quirky laws and codes…. But what really sets this book apart from others of its type is that it is actually well researched and cited….To me, that turns a book that’s just good for a quick laugh into a great book that’s actually worth talking about. I highly recommend it.”

    —Robert Chang (Amazon review)

“Your book is our new bathroom reader.”


“This is a very interesting book with a lot of amusing facts…. Buy it and you won’t be disappointed.”

    —Mike G. (Amazon review)

Getting 4.3 stars from Amazon reviewers, on average, so it can’t suck too hard. 

Please let me know if you have other questions, and again, thanks.