Customers Who Viewed The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance Also Viewed….

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As I've mentioned, and as many of you noticed independently, for some time the only thing Amazon found in response to a search for "emergency sasquatch ordinance" was The Booty Call Kit ("The Emergency Kit For When Booty Happens!" which among other things contains a razor so "Sasquatch legs" won't make you "miss the call"). I'm glad that my book is actually showing up now, too (still shipping March 7, though).

There are also a lot of other books with "Sasquatch" in the title that Amazon associates with those search results, of course. Not endorsing any of that stuff (although the Booty Call sellers may owe me some cash anyway), just pointing it out.

But as someone just pointed out to me (thanks, Tom), the more interesting stuff is showing up on the ESO page under the heading "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed." Here are a few of the things that customers who viewed my book also viewed:

  • The Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual;
  • The Hindus: An Alternative History;
  • Giant Isopod Realistic Plush Doll (XL Size) (Note: "This giant isopod doll has become less grotesque than real ones");
  • A four-piece grinder for tobacco, spices and other unidentified "herbs";
  • A Valentine's Day card that says "They Will Never Find Your Body" on the front ("As Hot As I Do" on the inside);
  • The Blu-ray edition of RoboCop (Unrated Director's Cut);
  • A 20-gram bar of 99.99% pure gallium; and 
  • The Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

I'm sure there is a common thread there somewhere. Might have to do with herbs.

Less surprisingly, the section also contains a book called just Sasquatch, which looks like it probably sucks, and The Marble and the Sculptor, Keith Lee's excellent book for new lawyers, which doesn't. Although the first RoboCop movie was surprisingly good, and of course there are 1,001 uses for pure gallium, Keith's book is really the only item in this group that I could recommend.