Assorted Stupidity #60

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  • Faced with drug-possession charges, said the prosecutor in this case, the defendant claimed that police had planted the drugs in his car. Well, that's certainly possible. He continued, "Of the drugs stuck to his testicles, [defendant] denied any knowledge." Well, that certainly isn't.
  • A deathbed confession may help you get right with the Lord, but here's the problem: you might not die.
  • According to this report, somebody stole a dead cat and a frying pan from a freezer in Den Helder, the Netherlands. It seems unlikely that the motive was hunger, though, because "various snacks in the freezer remained untouched." Mainly I wanted to mention this item because the subject line of the email in which I got it read, "thinking of you." And you know what? I'm okay with that.
  • By the way, that complaint alleged that the plaintiff "suffered physical hardship and anguish to the point that he ground his teeth and broke his tooth in reaction to [the defendant's] fraudulent and price gouging behavior…." So yeah, that probably is the same guy that's worked with Orly Taitz.