Model Teed Off at Man Who Teed Off on Her

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Look, I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life, I'm just suggesting that it's a bad idea to put sharp or explosive objects in your butt. Time after time we have seen that does not turn out well (e.g.this). But it's up to you.

As numerous sources have reported, Playboy model Liz Dickson is suing Playboy Enterprises and a TV-show host who she alleges hit her in the … hip? … with a golf club during a photo shoot. According to the complaint (via Deadspin), the idea was to take a picture of her on a golf course with a tee between her buttocks and with a golfer pretending to be about to swing at the ball placed thereon. She alleges that he (1) did not pretend as he was supposed to do, and (2) he struck her in the hip/buttock causing her serious and to some extent permanent injuries. She is demanding a total of $500,000 plus punitive damages in the (unlikely) event the defendants are found to have acted intentionally.

TMZ of course has obtained video of the incident (also posted by Deadspin), but it's so shaky it's hard to tell whether she's laughing or yelling in pain. (Laughter wouldn't necessarily mean she wasn't injured, of course.) I watched it quite a few times, just in an effort to figure that out, but to no avail.