The Gift of the Yeti

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This made my month (and is still making this one):


For Valentine's Day my wife got me a copy of your book, which has been immensely enjoyable. Unfortunately, it did not arrive in time for our gift exchange. My wife being a clever one, she drew a fake cover, put that on a library book, and wrapped it up. I thought you might enjoy the results.

Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance

© Kathryn C.

Thanks for the laughs,

Steve C.

Completely awesome. 

The headline is just because this reminded me instantly of "The Gift of the Magi," although of course it doesn't quite fit—unless maybe he bought her a fancy pen but she had used the last piece of paper they owned? Okay, maybe not, but she did go out of her way to do something ridiculous just because she knew it would amuse him. And that is pretty cool.

Then there are those ruthless mercenaries who want to profit from that kind of thing, such as yours truly. (Hey, the blog is still free.) The book is out of pre-order status on Amazon now (at the moment Amazon is saying it may take a month to ship, but that is about to be fixed) and can be had for just $16.33 plus shipping and tax (if any). If you've already got one and are willing to post a review, that would be great. Or, why not buy a copy for a loved one, then claim it hasn't arrived yet and craft a handmade cover for a library book instead? Then you get credit for the thoughtful gesture but can still read the book first yourself.

That's not what Kathryn did, I'm just saying her spontaneous idea may still work for you.