NOTE: Trying to Blow Up an ATM Could Backfire

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Literally, as in this effort earlier this week by a thief in Darwin, Australia. Looks like he pumped some sort of gas into the machine, then struck a match—you can guess what happens next but the video is worth 20 seconds of your time.

For some reason I find it hysterical that the explosion basically blows him right out of his flip-flops.

Former ATMTo give credit where no credit is due, the explosion did destroy the machine, although it’s not clear whether this sort of damage would actually liberate any cash. Police said this robber got no money, but that might be just because he suddenly became more interested in (1) fleeing and (2) locating a new pair of underpants.

The ABC News report quoted a police superintendent as saying of the incident, “In relation to sophistication it wasn’t something that was done by somebody who had expertise,” a statement that might be a greater crime than the robbery itself.