Danny Trejo Does a Lawyer Ad

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As always when I mention attorney advertising I’m only endorsing (or mocking) the ad itself, and don’t have a position about whatever it’s advertising. So having said that, I think Danny Trejo is awesome and that this is a pretty funny ad.

Even the disclaimer is pretty good: “Danny Trejo is not an attorney or a client. He’s a paid badass.”

I was also amused by the understandable but rather stark contrast between that ad and the one he did for the Spanish-language market:

I’m a big fan of having him wear a shirt and so forth, but don’t think they needed to take out all the jokes. Anyway, that’s advertising for you.

You may know James Bergener as “Sweet James” Bergener, according to these other YouTube videos that are based on Bergener’s radio advertising on stations in the L.A. area.  I watched a few of those videos and they made me laugh, too, so these seem to be pretty good examples of the genre.