Donald Trump Sued Scotland

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It might be easier at this point to compile a list of those Donald Trump hasn't sued, but in this Daily Beast article ("Donald Trump Sued Everyone but His Hairdresser"), Olivia Nuzzi has put together an impressive partial list of Trump's targets.

They include Scotland, which Trump sued in 2011 for allegedly breaking a promise not to build an offshore wind farm near the site of a planned golf course and hotel. I'm not sure what the damages would have been, unless he was claiming that windmills spoiled the view. In any event, he lost.

Arguably the most ridiculous of the selected lawsuits (aside from the previously covered "spawn of orangutan" lawsuit against Bill Maher) is a 1995 case against the state of New York in which Trump complained that it had allowed a video game similar to Keno to be played in the state's bars and restaurants.  Trump argued that this would bring "tremendous amounts of crime" and "destroy businesses" in the state, the report says, because people would get addicted to gambling and become unable to pay rent. Coincidentally, at the time Trump owned casinos in Atlantic City where Keno and other games of chance could be played, but of course those were in New Jersey.

Other Trump targets of actual or threatened lawsuits have included:

  • His ex-wife Ivana
  • Merv Griffin
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • New Jersey
  • New York City
  • Palm Beach, Florida
  • Trump Entertainment Resorts
  • Rosie O'Donnell (for claiming he was broke)
  • Lawrence O'Donnell (no relation)
  • Mac Miller (for rapping about him)
  • ABC (for planning a documentary)
  • The Eastern Pequot tribe
  • Miss Pennsylvania USA 2012

He actually won that last one in arbitration, although TMZ claims that Miss Pennsylvania's lawyer (who she sued for malpractice) ended up paying most of a $1 million settlement with the Trumpster. So he does occasionally win.