Ideas Too Good to Patent

From Unventional: Ideas Too Good to Patent, by Tom Giesler

eel-tube patent detail Those of you who like things that are great should consider Unventional: Ideas Too Good to Patent, a new book by Tom Giesler. Tom is a graphic artist and patent/trademark illustrator in California, and (according to the book) also a talented inventor from a family of talented inventors whose ideas have been … well, the world isn’t quite ready for them, I guess is one way to put it. So he’s now offering them for free to avoid having to deal with the Patent Office.

This is a huge boon to the world, in my view. I mean, what eel fisherman hasn’t wished somebody would invent a better way to store eels? I know I have. So now the Eel Tube is available free of any intellectual-property restrictions.

And I’m honestly surprised I haven’t already seen somebody using personal sails to commute in the Bay Area. Scooters and skateboards are common, and I once saw a guy on a unicycle wearing a pink unitard. So why not sails? The wind doesn’t really kick up until the afternoon, but this could get you home in a big hurry if you live in the East Bay, I would think.


Tom has created a trailer for the book that demonstrates some other good examples of what he is offering the world:

The first step is to go get a copy of the book, which you can do here. Then start tubing those eels, and doing all the other great things these inventions will make possible.