Follow the Chicken, Dramatized

Here’s the latest in the New York Times series “Verbatim,” in which writer and director Brett Weiner has actors re-enact transcripts of legal testimony (verbatim). You may remember the first in that series, “What Is a Photocopier?” which I mentioned last year. That one was great.

This one is beyond great.

The link above is to the piece on the NYT website, which includes the director’s comments and should also be read by you.

A partial “Follow the Chicken” transcript has been available here for some time. Thanks to whoever it was that sent it to me way back when, because that meant I had it when the Times asked me after the “Photocopier” video if I had any other candidates. This was first on the list, for reasons I assume are now obvious. They found the full transcript, though, and I’ll get that posted soon.