Crooks Leave Trail to Own Front Door

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Or, “Follow the Money.”

Careful police work led to the swift capture of Michael Graves and Steven Sleeter in late March, after they robbed a grocery store and made off with nine cartons of cigarettes and over $700 in bills, coin rolls and loose change. Apparently, they carried off their booty in a milk crate, and apparently the crate had a coin-sized hole in it.

When the robbery was discovered the next morning, officers followed a trail of coins from the store to Sleeter’s home.

Or at least in the direction of it—the report says that after about five blocks, one of the officers realized they were heading towards Sleeter’s home, and remembered that Sleeter was a suspect in an prior unsolved burglary at that same store. This sounds a little convenient, and it’s funnier if the trail led all the way to the house, so let’s pretend it did.

More coins were found outside the house, which certainly sounds like probable cause to me, and Graves and Sleeter were arrested.

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