Messages Not to Leave for a Judge, #47

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In its April issue, Harper’s Magazine reprinted voice-mail messages left by attorney Bruce Tassan for the judges who had ruled against his client in a trademark appeal. Apparently, Mr. Tassan left at least one message for each of the three judges on his panel. Here is the most reprintable one, left for Judge Carlisle Walters:

Oh, Carlisle, this is Bruce Tassan. I just received the decision concerning an application number 75/269,411. I don’t really expect much from government workers, but for God’s sake I thought at least you’d mention the fact that you don’t give a GODDAMN that the client’s mark’s already registered. JESUS CHRIST, YOU STUPID IDIOTS.

(Emphasis in original.) The messages left for the other two panel members each contained at least one F-bomb.

Tassan later called back and apologized, saying that he had been “taking a strong cough medicine” at the time of his calls. The judges required him to take an anger-management class.

Harper’s Magazine (April 2005), p. 31.