Michelangelo’s David Declared Obscene in Indiana

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Officials in Bartholomew County, Indiana, have told a business that sells copies of classical art that it must move certain statues out of view because they would be considered obscene under Indiana law. The statutes include copies of Michelangelo’s David and the Venus de Milo.

Not many people know that these were originally carved with shorts and a tank top respectively, until liberals had them chiseled away.

Ginger Streeval, owner of the business (“White River Truck Repair and Yard Art”), objected to the ruling. “It’s not fair to point out our business,” she said (David’s business, actually), and personally I don’t find them offensive. But Frank Butler, the county zoning inspector, did not agree. He said that the statues “have nudity” (which they do) and that Indiana law prohibits the display of nudity where children might see it. At least, it does if, “considered as a whole, [the material] lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value,” as Michelangelo’s David clearly does.

There is other good stuff at the attached link. I especially admire FOX News’ use of the phrase, “turd burglar,” on a website where children might see it.

FOXNews.com — thanks to Steve Soden for reporting this