Note to Self: Cancel Credit Cards So Ex Cannot Use Them to Hire Hit Man

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Keith Costello and Terra Endres of Oswego, New York, were divorced in 2002, and Costello got custody of the children. Apparently still very angry about the whole thing, Endres allegedly hired an Australian hit man to come to the US and kill her ex-husband. Adding insult to potential injury, she bought the hit man’s plane ticket with one of her ex-husband’s own credit cards.

That really hurts. I mean, not as much as the bullet, but it would still really hurt.

Evidently, Endres did not realize that suddenly charging $2,824 on a long-unused credit card might draw some attention. Costello told the company the charge was unauthorized, and that started an investigation that eventually led authorities to Endres and her hit man friend, who was arrested when he got off the plane in Los Angeles.

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