“Revenge of the Sith” Causes Stupid Sith to Happen

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I was happy to see that the new Star Wars movie, “Revenge of the Sith,” has caused stupidity to break out all over.

Citing British media, E! Online reports that two British fans sustained severe burns on May 22 during a fight with homemade lightsabers, which they had constructed out of “fluorescent light tubes filled with liquid fuel.” That’s surprising, because the only way something like that could ever go wrong is if, in acting out a lightsaber duel, you would have to smack the thin glass fuel-filled tubes against each other—oh, right.

It’s not clear what kind of “liquid fuel” these lightsabers used, but it was something that explodes or at least can burst into flames, because that’s what happened. The two were hospitalized with critical injuries as a result.

The new movie is also being blamed for a wave of robberies by criminals wearing Darth Vader helmets. Police in Illinois and Florida have reported such incidents so far, but surely more are to come.