Chinese Couple Sues After Man Breaks Arm During Newlywed Games

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Yu Haitao and his bride Fang Shuling have sued their honeymoon hotel in Shanghai, China, after Yu broke his arm during what Reuters News described as “bedroom fun and games.” Maybe literally, since state-run media said the two were taking part in traditional “tease-the-newlyweds” celebrations (huh?) when Yu fell off the bed.

“My husband slipped right after he stood up on the bed to get ready for the games,” said Fang, likely making finger quote marks near the end of that sentence. “It happened within seconds without any big movement.” Hey, could have been the poor guy’s first time. You don’t have to tell state-run media all about it, Fang.

The newlyweds have filed a complaint against the hotel for “providing unsafe facilities.” The article did not describe how the facilities were alleged to be unsafe. Hotel management has denied responsibility.